1194 Cragmont, Berkeley

Click picture for additional photos and complete listing courtesy of Susie Schevill, Grubb

This intriguing shingle style residence is an unusual combination of First and Second Bay Region design. The living room is clearly in the manner of Bernard Maybeck with its exposed timbering and massive concrete hearth while the kitchen and other parts of the home were obviously finished some 30 years later. Taken as a whole, the home is surprisingly cohesive, with the points of view of two separate generations of local designers merged into a single harmonious statement.

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60 Hiller, Oakland

Click picture for additional photos and complete listing courtesy of Anne Feste, Grubb

Our featured home today comes with a bit of a story. The home was originally built in 1963 by Stanley Hiller and it was the first home constructed in Hiller Highlands. Hiller was a precocious talent who started attending UC Berkeley when he was 15 and who had a contract to build helicopters for the military by the time he was 17.

The house unfortunately burned in the Oakland Hills fire, but unlike most of its neighbors it was rebuilt from the original 1963 plans. It therefore has a somewhat mixed aesthetic. It has the shape and flow of a mid-century home, but the detailing and finishes are contemporary.

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7 Charles Hill, Orinda

Click picture for additional photos and complete listing courtesy of Ann Sharf, Village Associates

The Harold Manor house is an extremely early ranch style residence designed by Clarence Mayhew in the late 30s. The home was an ambitious and forward looking undertaking at the time which garnered much acclaim and was widely published in the national shelter magazines. Remarkably, it has remained in largely original condition with only a few modifications over the years – an unusual opportunity to see one of the earliest manifestations of this now ubiquitous type of home.

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5 Maybeck Twin, Berkeley

Click picture for additional photos and complete listing courtesy of Norah Brower, Compass

Maybeck Twin boasts only a couple of homes by its highly regarded namesake. The balance of residences on the short street were designed by a who’s who of local mid-century architects. There’s no indication in the listing who is responsible for this particularly charming example, but it is clearly the work of a capable hand. It is also in an exceptional state of preservation which makes it a rare treat indeed.

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6948 Norfolk, Oakland

Click picture for additional photos and complete listing courtesy of Sarah Abel, Compass

2020 is off to a fairly slow start as far as interesting listings go, but we are beginning to see a bit of life coming back into the market after the long winter. Our featured home today is a showy new modern residence designed by Karman Ng of Cantilever Design. Ng designed the home for himself and he used it as a launch pad for his career as an independent designer. As such it is a very personal work filled with carefully considered details and thoughtfully composed spaces. It is an impressive showcase of his work that would become a very successful form of marketing for his fledgling business.

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610 Cragmont, Berkeley

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Our featured home today is an impressive storybook residence attributed to William Raymond Yelland. Yelland began his career with the highly regarded local firm Miller and Warnecke, but he would go on to pursue a much more flamboyant brand of period revival design once he went out on his own. This example needs a bit of love could be a real showstopper with a little work.

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8403 Wildcat, El Cerrito

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This intriguing late mid-century was designed by local architect and purveyor of artisan tofu, Kevin Stong. Stong is responsible for a number of homes along Wildcat, but this is the one he designed for himself so it is likely the most ambitious of the bunch. It is an interesting combination of 70s heavy timber construction and forward looking postmodern influences. Stong has long been a fixture in the local architecture scene with his own East Bay practice as well as a presence at Q-Architecture across the Bay. His residential work is less well known but no less impressive.

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