109 Ardith, Orinda

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Orinda was a hub of modern residential design in the 50’s and 60’s. Its verdant hills and ease of access to the commercial centers epitomized the mid-century suburban ideal. Many of the best Bay Area designers are represented there: Charles Moore, Walter Brooks, John Ostwald, Roger Lee, Joseph Eshrick, John Dinwiddie, Fred and Lois Langhorst, Henry Hill, Olof Dahlstrand. There is even a Frank Lloyd Wright House in Orinda. The hills are dotted with beautiful mid-century gems.

The house we feature today is not attributed to a well-known modernist, but it is certainly a considered custom design. The entrance to the home is set back from the façade in an alcove lit by an opening in the roof that is reminiscent of some of Joseph Eichler’s atrium models. Inside, a nice balance between ‘open’ and ‘separate’ is achieved within the public spaces through a thoughtful combination of full-height and partial height partitions. This also allows the light from the large wall of glass which is shared by the living and dining spaces to penetrate further into the house.

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One Response to 109 Ardith, Orinda

  1. Michael Greenslade says:

    Believe it or not….. This is a dead ringer for a November 1939 Yelland Mid Century Modern.

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