1633 Alcatraz, Berkeley

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This West Berkeley duplex is an unusual find in the East Bay. For one it is brick which is pretty unusual in our area for a variety of reasons. Second it is a side by side duplex which for some reason is far less common here than the ubiquitous over-under duplex. Side by side duplexes are much more prevalent on the East Coast and Mid-West, and this home would fit right in in Chicago where brick has been the exterior fabric of choice since the great fire.

Inside the units are quite nice with lots of exposed woodwork and original built-ins. Of particular interest are the very high paneling (unfortunately painted) in the dining areas and the unusual hooks that protrude from the sides of the entry door casings presumably for hanging one’s coats. Not sure I have seen this particular detail anywhere else.

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Edificionado is an Oakland-based real estate brokerage specializing in architecturally and historically significant homes. BRE 01883790
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