127 Crest, Richmond

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The holidays are always a slow time for new listings, but occasionally an interesting home will pop up even when there is not much action in the marketplace. The home we feature today is an unusual early postmodern in Richmond Point. The home was built in the mid-1980s which in general is not one of my favorite periods for residential design, but this home is certainly in keeping with the prevailing architectural ideals of the day, and is therefore worthy of note.

The exterior of the home is laden with classical motifs. The basic shape of the house is adapted from a classical temple form with an oversized pediment applied over the door and a modified Palladian window adjacent. It does not feature the over the top color combinations that are common in later postmodern homes, but rather takes a more “bay region” approach by using a neutral wood siding. Inside, the home is pure 80s with loads of white surfaces, a mirrored fireplace, recessed lights, and little ornamentation – it’s like Alex P Keaton’s dream home.

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