2420 Tice Valley, Walnut Creek

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This massive Walnut Creek mansion is interesting for a number of reasons. Built in 1929, it is a wonderfully preserved example of revival-style architecture, though the subject of its revival is not one that is very commonly seen. It appears to be what might be best described as a ranch revival – a romanticized reconception of the old western ranch house. For this reason it looks remarkably familiar to us today as a very early precursor to the modern ranch house which would become so ubiquitous a part of the American landscape. It is interesting to note that at about the same time this home was built, William Wurster and Cliff May were just beginning to experiment with more modernist versions of the ranch revival that would eventually kick-start the mid-century ranch explosion.

In keeping with its romantic ideals, this particular home is much more lavishly decorated than its later descendants would be. It is simply awash in woodwork. There is an unusual dog-eared board and batten detail that is repeated both inside and outside the house and which unites the interior and exterior spaces though sheer rustic repetition. Also of note is the spectacular original tile work in the kitchen and baths. It is exceptionally rare for this much original tile to remain intact after all of these years, especially in a home of this size; and with six bathrooms, this house could almost be a showroom for period tile options.

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