280 Lexington, Kensington

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If we didn’t know better, we would swear that this was a lone A-frame Eichler planted in the hills of Kensington. The similarities are pretty amazing: the single central peak in an otherwise flat roof with the entrance on one end and the fireplace flanked by glass on the other, the extensive paneling and multiple globe lights. If there were an atrium in the middle there would be no doubt. Officially there are no Eichler Homes in Kensington but Joseph Eichler was known to occasionally build single residences outside of his tracts, so there is some chance that it could be an Eichler or at least by one of Eichler’s stable of architects. Whatever the case, whether Eichler or Eichler-influenced, it is certainly an impressive home with great interior spaces in a surprisingly bucolic hillside setting.

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