6070 Colton, Oakland

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This impressive home was obviously created by a very capable designer though no attribution is provided in the listing. It has some of the hallmarks of a mid-century builder named Marv Gunderson who was active in the Oakland hills during the 50s and 60s though further research would need to be done to confirm this. Regardless of provenance, however, the house is exceptional on its own. The large mass of masonry and horizontal wood siding create a nice textural juxtaposition both inside and out. The line between interior and exterior is further blurred by the clever use of a large soffit that appears to be continuous on both sides of the glazed walls. Though a certain amount of the warmth and richness of the interior spaces has been concealed due to the painting of the wood paneling, the rooms remain a compelling tribute to their designer, whomever that may prove to be.

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Edificionado is an Oakland-based real estate brokerage specializing in architecturally and historically significant homes. BRE 01883790
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