3636 Brunell, Oakland

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Reece Clark Jr. grew up in the Berkeley hills in the 40s surrounded by the work of Maybeck and his contemporaries. His father and grandfather were successful lawyers but the youngest Reece decided to study architecture when he attended Cal, and he did so at a time when Bay Region modernism was gaining some notoriety. Clark went on to start his own firm and he produced a number of wonderful homes around the East Bay in the following years.

Today we feature a nice relatively early example which he designed only five years after leaving Berkeley. The home is very thoughtfully detailed with plenty of wood paneling and interesting lit soffits. It feels quite refined when compared to some of the more heavily wooded structures of the period and is a nice example of the work of a talented local architect who is not widely known today.

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2 Responses to 3636 Brunell, Oakland

  1. teakhound says:

    Went to an estate sale at this house a month ago. Was truly an amazing structure. Hands down beats every Eichler I have ever stepped foot in. Filled with George Nelson lamps, Jens Rison dining table and chairs, etc. the previous owners had maintained the house like a time capsule. I stood in awe.

    But the previous owners also had an interesting story to tell – they were interned in a Japanese internment camp during WWII but eventually got back on their feet. The husband was an horticulturist by profession and had used the green beside the house to test a wide array of fertilizers, insecticides, etc. Guess he did pretty well for himself in the end. Mind you, this all came from a third party, but I would have given my right arm for that house.

    Hope the next owner will take such good care of it.

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