1655 Arrowhead, Oakland

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Today we feature a great Oakland hills A-frame / dome hybrid. One of the downsides of the standard A-frame form is that there is generally only room for windows on the ends of the structure. That problem is solved here through the use of a series of A-shaped gables arranged around a central point. The home’s unusual exterior shape makes for particularly interesting interior spaces with plenty of unique nooks and crannies throughout.

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Edificionado is an Oakland-based real estate brokerage specializing in architecturally and historically significant homes. BRE 01883790
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1 Response to 1655 Arrowhead, Oakland

  1. Nicole Teague says:

    So curious, my family owns this home. The review and sentiment are so very short sighted. This home, gives and gives- in its expanse, we carry forward with expanded minds.

    I grew up in a geodesic dome dwelling community. It was a prototype community, modeled after, and by Bucky in part, aligned with Buckeminster Fullers Archetype for 4D living.

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