2 Hilferd, Danville

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Our featured home today is another intriguing mid-century in need of salvation. The listing downplays the house, but it is easily one of the most interesting Bay Region modernist residences we have seen this year. The home appears to be laid out on a grid of equilateral triangles and is organized around a central corridor with bedrooms on one side and living spaces on each end. Both sides of the long hall open, allowing the breezes to move freely throughout and blurring the lines between inside and out. No architect is mentioned in the listing but the home has some features in common with an Anshen and Allen home in Carmel that was built the same year. Regardless of who designed it though, it is an impressive and unusual piece of design – well worth the drive to see the interiors.

Update: After a number of requests, we revisited the home to snap a few more photos. The original plans are now in the house and it turns out the home was in fact designed by Anshen and Allen.

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5 Responses to 2 Hilferd, Danville

  1. justin wood says:

    Hi Christian,
    Did you get a chance to take any photos of the interior? Looks like an amazing place and I share your hunch about Anshen and Allen..

    • edificionado says:

      Hi Justin,

      I was hoping the listing agent was going to post some eventually, but that does not look likely at this point. I will try to swing back by and snap some photos in the next few days.



      • justin wood says:

        Thank you so very much for taking and sharing the photos! What is your assessment of the condition of the home? It sounds dire from the listing, but the photos make it look not so bad..

      • edificionado says:

        I haven’t seen any reports yet on the home but superficially it appears to be in quite good shape. Of course there is some deferred maintenance, and as might be expected the long protruding beam ends are in need of some work in places because there is no flashing on them to protect them from the elements. But the roof appears to still be intact and the interiors look completely original and are holding up quite well.

  2. Zann Gates says:

    Hello Christian,

    Thank you so much for the additional pics! I “found” this on Redfin a few days ago and it was so gratifying to see it in your blog. Anshen and Allen! 🙂

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