Home Provenance Inspections

Edificionado is pleased to announce a new and innovative product offering exclusively for the East Bay real estate market.

Inspections are an integral part of most all real estate transactions and there are any number of specific aspects of a property that can be evaluated by a professional in order to help determine fair market value. At Edificionado, we have long felt that the glaring exclusion from the list of commonly available inspections is an inspection of a home’s provenance.

In the Bay Area, buyers are savvy, and homes that were designed by noted architects or that have an interesting history command a premium. It therefore behooves sellers to ensure that they have full knowledge of all of the particular historical peculiarities of their property prior to putting it on the market in order to capture the full value of the home. Too often we unfortunately see a home with known attribution come on the market with no indication of its provenance. This is of course a boon for buyers in the know, but it is a lost opportunity for sellers. By the same token, buyers should make sure to verify claims of home authorship during their inspection period if that information influenced their offer price on the home.

At Edificionado, we have been performing Home Provenance Inspections as a service to our clients for some time, but more and more frequently we are receiving requests from independent parties to assess a home’s background. For this reason we have decided to start offering a stand-alone Home Provenance Inspection as a service to non-brokerage clients.

The Home Provenance Inspection will start with a survey of the home’s unique architectural features which may contribute to a preliminary attribution. We will then use Edificionado’s growing proprietary database of architect-designed homes as well as numerous other historical resources to gather as much information as possible about the home’s history. The end result will be an official statement of opinion about the home’s provenance and copies of any relevant supporting documents. Ultimately, we hope that this offering will help contribute both to a more informed base of real estate consumers and also to a greater appreciation for the distinctive architectural fabric that makes up the East Bay.

For more information or an appointment, contact Christian Olson at colson@edificionado.com or 510 686 3343.

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