8449 Terrace, El Cerrito

Click picture for additional photos and complete listing courtesy of Karen Moss, Marvin Gardens

Today we feature another impressive remodel at the hand of a local mid-century architect. This home was originally built in 1938, but was reimagined 25 years later by El Cerrito local Jack Anderson. Anderson is best known for his long and productive association with Lyman Jee who unfortunately passed away earlier this year, but he also designed a number of lovely homes on his own. This one is a bit less showy than most of the pair’s ground up commissions, but it still demonstrates a great deal of their tasteful and fairly restrained version of Bay Region modernism.

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200 Panoramic, Berkeley

Click picture for additional photos and complete listing courtesy of Melody Hultgren, Climb

Our featured home today was originally a modest First Bay Region bungalow built on Panoramic Hill in 1914; but now the original structure is just the most reserved part of a much more ostentatious residence. The home underwent a significant renovation and addition at the hand of Daniel Liebermann in 1989. Liebermann is perhaps the most idiosyncratic of our local mid-century designers. His extremely varied background included a degree in philosophy from Johns Hopkins, work toward a Masters in architecture at Harvard and sculpture in Colorado, time in the military, an internship with Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesen, work on the Marin Civic Center with Aaron Green, and a period designing furniture and ships in Scandinavia.

From this immense diversity of experience come some of the most creative organic homes in the Bay Area. Liebermann’s designs tend to be curvilinear or faceted with a dominant central column and stunningly original interior spaces. He was also an early proponent of using recycled materials, pioneering sustainable design long before it was fashionable. All of this is readily apparent in this home, which bears his very distinctive mark despite having been a remodel rather than a full ground up commission. There are only a handful of Liebermann designs in the East Bay so don’t miss the opportunity to check this one out.

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1220 Spruce, Berkeley

Click picture for additional photos and complete listing courtesy of Devin Ratoosh, Marvin Gardens

The Dr. Robert Keys house is a charming Berkeley shingle style designed by East Bay phenom Julia Morgan. The home has a fairly loose and rather playful symmetry that is somewhat unusual in Morgan homes which are often quite strictly bilateral. Inside, it is full of beautifully preserved woodwork consisting of tall battens that rise to a wide crown. It is a fairly reserved treatment for a home of this vintage that lends the interior spaces a distinguished charm not always present in First Bay Region residences.

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511 Dwight Place, Berkeley

Click picture for additional photos and complete listing courtesy of Laura Arechiga, Coldwell Banker

This exceptional Bay Region mid-century is on the market for the first time since it was built in 1958. Designed by local Berkeley architect John Hans Ostwald to take full advantage of the site’s jaw-dropping panoramic views, the home is a beautifully composed tribute to the vista. Ostwald was just reaching his prime in the late 50s and here he subtly juxtaposes transparent and translucent glass in the living room to alternately draw one’s focus inside and outside the room. It is a masterful piece of design and good indication of Ostwald’s immense and underappreciated talent.

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618 Moraga, Piedmont

Click picture for additional photos and complete listing courtesy of Jane Strauch, Grubb

Today we feature a beautifully appointed Piedmont craftsman. The home boasts a number of interesting features including tigered woodwork and a very unusual second floor balcony overlooking the living room. It is a particularly creative take on a type of home that in its more standardized form is very familiar in our East Bay environs.

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957 Hillside, Albany

Click picture for additional photos and complete listing courtesy of Lillie Missbrenner, J Rockcliff

This showy hillside mid-century boasts some impressive cantilevers and massive spans thanks to its unusual roof construction which consists of 2x wood members placed side by side on end to create a solid mass. As a result, the spaces created inside are wide open and full of light thanks to the interesting assemblage of windows. No architect is credited in the listing, but the home is clearly the work of a talented designer – a perfect excuse for making the drive up Albany Hill.

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2830 Regent, Berkeley

Click picture for additional photos and complete listing courtesy of Colette Ford, Grubb

Our featured home today is a handsome colonial revival foursquare with a charming pedimented colonnade at the porch. The basic form of the house is fairly typical for the area, but there are a number of embellishments both inside and out that mark it as special. Fortunately much of the original detailing remains intact so we are still able to appreciate its unusual flourishes.

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